What does it mean to be called by God?

In 2018, Fr Bob and Catzel received a letter inviting our parish to participate in an interdenominational initiative run by a ministry called Vibrant Faith. Vibrant Faith invited 24 churches from eight denominations throughout the United States into a hub for innovation around the theme of “calling.” We have a Staff team, as well as a Team of dedicated Parishioners leading this initiative at Presentation over a span of three years. 

In the past few years, our staff team has gathered with the 24 churches for training Convocations, and along with all of the C3 churches. We hope to create a congregational culture where calling is infused into all aspects of church life. We aim to see the concept of “calling” permeating the life of the community, its ministries, and relationships among people, people participating in formation experiences and engaging in sharing stories of callings and hope that people see themselves and who they are (identity) and how they live in terms of their callings. We also aim to develop a lifelong approach to discovering callings and nurturing vocation.

Books on CALLING

Consider Your Calling by Gordon T. Smith

Sustaining the Spirit by Catherine Cronin Carotta and Michael Carotta

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