COVID-19 Related Resources

Pope Francis describes the present moment as a “propitious time” to be open to the Spirit, who can “inspire us with a new imagination of what is possible.”


Article: Pope Francis shares his vision for Covid-19 aftermath(America Magazine)

Article: Five Tips for Finding God Amidst the Corona Virus CrisisDr Patrick Manning has been one of our well-liked guest Speakers for our Family Faith Program. Dr. Manning is Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology, the Chair of the Department of Pastoral Theology at Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology at Seton Hall University. In his article he encourages us to look for unexpected ways God may be working during this crisis, to welcome this time as a time of Sabbath rest, to spend time with God in prayer, to refocus on is important in life, and to take time to connect more deeply with those in our lives.

Article: Talking with Kids about the Coronavirus(Focus on the Family)

Article: Educational Activities for Kids Stuck at Home(Focus on the Family)

Article: We Must not Allow the Coronavirus rob us of our Humanity (America Magazine)

Article: ‘WHERE IS GOD RIGHT NOW?’ HOW IMAGINATION CAN AID OUR FAITH IN QUARANTINEHe also suggested things which incorporate your senses, like burning incense, listening to hymns or sacred music, and meditating on a piece of art. “Whatever would help your bodily senses bring back happy memories of being a church together, of encountering God, of increasing hope and charity, I think those are wonderful things to incorporate now,” he said.


Mental Health Resources

VIDEO: Seven Ways to Parent Effectively During this Crisis (Focus on the Family)

FACEBOOK VIDEO: Helping Teens deal with Anxiety (Roy Petifils)

Article and Video: Tips to keep children learning during this Crisis (Unicef)

ONLINE PRESENTATION: A People of Hope: Practicing Our Faith in the Season of COVID-19This presentation is offered by the Bernadin Center at Catholic Theological Union. It is an opportunity for virtual community  while we are unable to gather during the 2020 pandemic.  Join us here with CTU professors  RICHARD MCCARRON and C. VANESSA WHITE FOR  – You can watch at anytime!


Prayers during a Pandemic and in dealing with the Coronavirus

“An emergency like Covid-19 is overcome in the first place by the antibodies of solidarity.”Pope Francis

Renew Prayer Amid a Pandemic

Lord Jesus Christ, we pray for your healing touch during this pandemic. We ask you to accompany those in our small groups,
our parishes, our communities, our nation, 
and throughout the world who are impacted 
by the virus through infection, economic loss,
or anxiety.

Renew our faith in your promise to be with us always.
Keep us mindful, Lord, that we share in this crisis as a family and that whatever we are asked to do to prevent the spread of infection, we do for the good of all.

May we be patient and generous with each other, following your example, you who live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

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