A Faith Response to the Coronavirus

If you’re anything like most of us, the coronavirus situation
has thrown you for a big loop. Our children are
suddenly out of school, organized sports, and other activities. We are home and not involved in our regular activities. Meanwhile, we are trying to answer their difficult questions, keep our kitchen stocked, and juggle working from home. You may well have greater challenges than us, such as losing work, struggling to find childcare, or dealing with illness yourself.

We certainly don’t have all the answers for how to navigate this difficult time, but we do want to share some thoughts and insights that we have found and received from others,
much from our Catholic faith tradition. We also wanted to offer a “place” where you can look for ideas to use at home, read relevant articles, watch helful videos, and grow in your faith when we can not be together physically. This is not the first time that people of faith have faced a crisis, and it will not be the last. We need to remember that we have God and each other to sustain us through difficult times.

A good starting point for all of us is to remember that the most repeated phrase in the Bible is “Do not be afraid!” or “Have no fear!” God probably sends us this message so frequently because fear is such a big part of human nature. Fear can alert us to dangers in our lives to keep us safe, but fear can also lead us astray and make us feel alone. You are not alone. We are in this togegther, and we are together in the Holy Spirit. We are Presentation! And we are strong!

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Pope Francis addressed the crisis in an address a few weeks ago and you can view His beautiful address below.

“Our God is near and asks us to be near to one another, not to distance ourselves. Right now, in this pandemic crisis, that we are living through this nearness asks to be manifested more, to be made more visible. Perhaps we cannot draw near physically to others for fear of contagion; but we can reawaken in ourselves a habit of drawing near to others through prayer, mutual help and many other ways of nearness. Why do we need to be near one another? Because our God is near to us.” – Pope Francis